Our Story.

Founded in 2014 by Emma Richardson, Dalton’s has rapidly become the go to personalised, leather accessory brand. Our main aim is to deliver high quality, British made leather accessories that accompany you from day to night, from countryside pursuits to the streets of London.

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and the ability to create timeless investments either when looking for a special gift or a present to yourself.

Whilst studying in her final year at university, Emma got her hands on a friends leather tools and began creating products in her shared uni housing. This is where her passion was discovered and Emma to date, still handcrafts the majority of our collections, whilst other products are handmade in the heart of London.



We offer free personalisation by heat embossing each item with your name and initials.

Our chosen capitilised font has been machine toold into brass letters which are then securely mounted onto our embossing machine.

Your chosen letters are then branded onto the leather to create your own unique & personalised product.

Our Values.

We aim to provide outstanding customer service that exceeds our customer’s desires. This is why we offer complimentary personalisation & first class postage.

Our Way.

To be synonymous with both elegance and innovation adding a subtle, modern twist to traditional leather accessories.

The Best Of British.

We love being a truly British Brand.

Trust In Us.

We value you as our customer & we strive to offer you the best service.

Our History.

06/2014- Day One

Sat in my shared uni housing, looking at spending another summer working with horses, I got my hands on a friend’s leather tools and had my first attempt at making a dog collar.

That that was it... a passion for creativity and leather work was discovered, an idea of elegant, British made, yet affordable leather accessories was born and following a rookie investment pitch to my two reluctant parents for £200 to buy a hide of leather and my own tools, the first collection of British Polo Belts was made…

07/2014- Meet Dalton P

A loyal companion and 17th Birthday present... my horse Dalton P who accompanied me through my university years became the obvious option when coming up with a new business name... Dalton’s, it was.

08/2014- Step Right In

With a young blood desire to prove my rogue idea could be a success and having persuaded enough friends to invest into my new innovative creations, I headed to Gatcombe Horse Trials to showcase my unique British take of Polo belts and went about setting up my first trade stand using an old gazebo and furniture from my parents’ house. Information which had managed to stay elusive until now... I sold enough to pay for Blenheim Horse Trials the next month, and many shows are now an annual fixture in our calendar.

02/2015- Flummoxed Fathers

With the show season fast approaching, I scribbled some ‘designs’ of furniture and display cabinets down on a post-it-note and presented to my bemused father, which is still a common sight to this day. He then spent each night and much of his weekends over the following month building out of scrap wood and old scaffolding planks. I now at least had a presentable pop-up shop to drag around the country behind me in my very sorry looking I-for-Williams. The un-glorified truth of tradeshows that customers never see...

06/2015 The Signature Snaffle

Having spent much of the spring and beginning of the summer travelling the country and living out of my car at equestrian and country shows, I found myself hand making products on the stand to keep up my levels of stock and watching horses compete most of the weekend.

That’s when it came to me, a snaffle clasp belt! A simple design adjustable either side, with a flat clasp making it comfortable to ride in... Now our signature product.

2016- Building Blocks

The busiest year I’ve had in terms of shows, I travelled most weekends from March to December constructing my stand in all weathers, all worth it to create invaluable customer relationships and to learn core brand values: To provide the best of British. To appreciate you as customers and to offer you the best service I can.

The genuine smile of someone who loves my products is something I’ve celebrated since day one, so when it came to sponsoring event riders, it was a given, Rob Barker, my oldest childhood friend, Chuffy Clarke and Abi Boulton who had been customers since almost day one.

09/2017- Social Climbers

Having documented much of the highs and lows of a start-up. We hit 10k followers on Instagram.

05/2018- It Gets Personal

Being a self-proclaimed expert in gifting... I always loved to buy personalised products for friends and family. Therefore, a year or so previously I had bought an ‘embossing machine’ over the internet from China. Once it arrived I realised I had bought what I can only describe a DIY soldering iron... not quite what I imagined... but persistent as ever I put it to use. Inevitably after a couple of uses, a few loose connections and a blue flash that not only nearly killed me, but almost sent my father into cardiac arrest as he watched in horror... I then decided to perhaps not cut corners, and invest into a legit embossing machine. I’m now reminded by my friend daily, buy cheap buy twice...

None the less, we now provide an impressive personalised embossing service on both your leather products and gift wrap.

08/2018- Leopard Print, Our New Favourite Colour

Having been asked by my mother almost since the day I started for a plain black belt with a circle buckle, I succumbed… And true to form, as we all know, Mum’s are always right. As a result, I started making collection number four over the next week. A simple, elegant design made with black calf leather and solid brass buckle.

I loved it so much, I headed straight to London to ask the lead time to have them made in Leopard Print Hair on Hide. They were launched at Burghley Horse Trials and sold out by the Saturday, the craze begun, our bestselling product by far and my personal favourite!

08/2018 - And Beyond...